Blending Essential Oils

Diffusing oils is a great way to enjoy the benefits of oils “and” have a wonderful aroma in your house.  

Diffuse one or a combination.  

Since fall is soon approaching, try one of these!








Morning Pick Me Up? 

  • Try Peppermint, Orange, Cirtrus Fresh and Lemongrass! I always add a little EnRGee in all my morning blends!
    • EnRGee is a unique blend of oils Rosemary, Juniper, Lemongrass and others that is uplifting and energizing.
    • Add EnRGee with any of the citrus oils to have a great start to the day!

Relax and Unwind?

Here are a few of my favorites!

  • Stress Away & Lemon:  Lemon brings a refreshing scent while Stress Away is a blend of lime and vanilla formulated to aid in relaxation and comfort.
  • Patchouli & Palo Santo:  Patchouli is a calming and relaxing fragrance and Palo Santo can be diffused for a cleansing and refreshing atmosphere!
  • Lavendar & Peppermint:  This is my oldest son’s favorite.  Little does he know the calming effect Lavender has on you and adding Peppermint with it’s peaceful aroma…mom’s got a mix everyone likes 🙂

Need some focus?

  • Clarity, BrainPower, Envision are all individual blends already that you can diffuse alone or in combination. 
  • See there full product descriptions in the Product Guide 

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