Upcycle That Old Container!!

What do you do with these containers when they are empty?

Ever think of re-purposing it into a container?  Well here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it!

I am big believer of repurposing items instead of throwing them away.  From coffee and aluminum cans, cardboard to empty jars and bottles.  There are SO many uses for these items around your house it’s amazing!!

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In this How To since Valentine’s Day is a week away what a better way to re-purpose this container than a Valentine’s Box for your child.  You can adapt this tutorial to any type of container you need.  They’re great because you can put a label on the front of them and even stack them!  Imagine your pantry all organized and labeled! (says the woman with a borderline OCD problem)


Need some examples:

♦  Crayons – How many ½ broken crayons are laying around your house?

♦  Small toys – God knows you’ve stepped on enough miscellaneous Lego’s and Match Box cars!

♦  Dip Mixes and Other Packets in your Pantry – don’t buy a $10 container…make your own!

♦  Think Garage or Workshop – screws, nails, all those leftover ‘1’ pieces you don’t want to throw away because you ‘might’ just need them.

♦  Craft Room – the possibilities are ENDLESS!  Have one for every color of the rainbow and throw all your scrap fabric, felt or paper BY COLOR!  If you buy items in bulk but don’t use them all – store them in one of these!

Ok, now that I have your mind going in a thousand different directions, on to the tutorial!


Items you will need:

♦  Empty pod container – of course washed out completely!

♦  Washi Tape.  Don’t know what that is?  OMG are you missing out!!  LOVE THIS STUFF!! You can pick this up at any craft store or if you want to purchase a bunch of different colors or patterns I would recommend Amazon! They have great prices on multi packs much cheaper than stores. Click here an example.  You could if you wanted to use a lot of this…cover the bottom with it too J

♦  Felt, Fabric, Paper – this is used to wrap the bottom. In my example I used one…one sheet of .49 cent fabric to cover the entire container. You can also use these items in place of the Washi tape…I just think the tape is oh so fun!

♦  Hot glue gun – I would recommend a hot glue gun for this because it is almost ‘instant’ but you can of course try with other types of glues you may just have to hold in place while it sets up to make sure it does not shift.

Got it all?  Great! Let’s get started!

Begin to cover the top of the container with the Washi tap (or your choice of covering) making sure to leave a bit of an overhang. Not too much.

Once completely covered, wrap over hang ‘under’ the part of the lid that opens. Try to ‘push’ the tap into the crevasse.  If you have longer nails, use them lol or take a flat edged item and go around the crevasse.

On the other end just fold down.

Take another piece of Washi tape (mix it up here and put a coordinating color) and go around the entire rim.

Take your piece of felt and ‘slide’ it under the lip of the bottom. You do not have to cut to the height of the container.  In fact I would leave extra so that you are ensured it covers all and is even.  We will get to how in step 8.  

Lay a stream of hot glue down on this side and put in place. (Do not do all sides at once as glue will harden before you get all around)

Continue around each side one at a time.

In my case to use only one sheet of felt, I had to cut it and seam the two pieces together on the side. Not hard to do!

Cut along the bottom once dry flush with the bottom.

Next I took a bead of hot glue around the bottom where the material hit the bottom and used a Q-tip to flatten it to ensure it was secured snuggly on the bottom.

At this point you could essentially be done….but what fun would THAT be!!!

Use your imagination to create the rest!

♥  Add a label on the front!

♥  Cut out a coordinating color and make stripes, polka dots, or even letters and glue around the bottom.

♥  What about decorating the top more?

♥  I put a bow on mine to keep it simple.

Have fun using your imagination to create that one of a kind box designed for what you have in mind!

Make sure to post pictures of your finished project below! I can’t wait to see them.

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  1. Rina says:

    I have heard of washi tape before…is it easy to handle?

    1. tonysheart@yahoo.com says:

      Yes! Sometimes depending on what you are putting it on you may need a little dab of glue on an end. But otherwise it’s great.

  2. Carlie says:

    Great idea — that would be a nice way to dress up a gift container of cookies or other baked goods, too!

    1. tonysheart@yahoo.com says:

      Absolutely! Thanks for adding another great use!!

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