Teacher Appreciation Lunch…Success!

Hey everyone! Been a bit crazy here lately with kids activities and my own but finally get to share some pictures of the Teacher Appreciation Lunch we just did. Lots of fun! Theme…Backyard BBQ! Hope if you are involved in doing one you get some ideas or even for your own party! Enjoy!! After this weekend I can share the other big event pics I’ve been working on. But for now it’s a surprise

It’s A BBQ!
Wrap your silverware in the napkins and tie with some jute! Throw them in a basket for a rustic feel!
Use what you have to make signs! This was a rolling wipe board we stationed behind the Trail Mix Bar! This was a HUGE success. We had cup and small bags for the teacher to make and take back to their room.
Using print the edge labels and bags there were not many of these left!





Fill another basket with whole apples and oranges to be able to be taken back to the rooms! Leftovers? Since you didn’t cut them up…they can be left in the Teacher’s Lounge for the next day!





Along this wall we had a lot of real estate to cover so we made signs to hang with inspirational quotes and of course a countdown to the last day of school!!

Here are some close ups of the signs!

Hope you were able to find some inspiration for your own Teacher Appreciation Lunch or even your own Backyard BBQ! Happy Summer!!!