Great Easy Start Breakfast!!

I’m sure many of you have seen this on Pinterest and honestly so did I! But they are so easy…so good…and so healthy I wanted to share my version. 

This is a great way to get rid of veggies and a great grab and go for busy mornings!!

  1. Spray a muffin tin heavily with Pam. 
  2. Cut up whatever veggies you like and add evenly into each opening. 
  3. I have in these: spinach, broccoli, onions, mushrooms and chopped up matchstick carrots. 
  4. Crack and mix 12 eggs in a separate bowl adding seasoning to the eggs. I used fresh ground pepper and garlic salt. 
  5. Pour egg mixture evenly in each opening. 
  6. Bake 350 for 15 minutes. Depending on your oven maybe a bit longer. Use a toothpick and if it comes out clean they are done. 

I make these ahead on a Sunday and pop one in the microwave for 30 seconds in the morning. 

Some things I learned doing it a few time?

  1. Make sure to season! First time they were kinda plain. First time around I didn’t use onions either. Big difference second time around using them.
  2. AS SOON as you take them out of the oven use a knife or spatula to take them out to cool. If you let them cool in the pan…very hard to get out. 
  3. Be prepared to have to make more than one dozen for the week. Especially if you have boys lol. They’ll eat two at a time!!
  4. You could surely do this same concept with a mini muffin pan for individual appetizers! ADD BACON!!! (I have a vegetarian in my house so I don’t add). 

Hope you enjoy and make sure to comment back after trying! Share your combo’s and seasoning mixes!