DIY Handmade Fabric Pumpkins

Ready for an easy DIY?

I found this pin on Pinterest (always give proper credit!) and I thought they were adorable!

Now I made some adjustments and did a few things different but here is how they turned out. What do you think?

I’ve noted the changes to the original directions below the pictures.  Make sure to post your pics if you try them!

What I did different from instructions:

  • I used fabric vs. shirt sleeves.  I made different sizes and sewed down one side leaving both ends open.
  • I didn’t tie off the jute for the stem.  I wrapped over it to give it more structure then cut the tops off after I was finished.
  • I cut the fabric and burlap on the stem at a slant before wrapping the jute up.  It didn’t make it so bulky.
  • I tied a bow vs. making the loops.  Now I just can’t decide whether or not I want to put some fall buttons in the center of the bow.  Your thoughts?