Custom Work

Below are a few examples of custom work I have done for customers.

Many of their idea’s were crafted from inspiration from items I have already created, they have seen, or completely from their minds.

Please contact me at with any questions!!

I was asked to make these ornaments custom with the book clubs logo but replace their name with “Joy”.
I’m not going to tell you what is on the bottom of this mug when you flip it up 🙂
You ask for it…I make it 🙂
This could be customized for you with your color and station!
This was made for a friend who’s husband plays baseball!
I loved making this! Customer emailed me a picture!
This is a two layered invitation with laser ink print and the Elephant is embossed 🙂
These were made for my son’s 8th grade celebration. Theme was Rolling out the Red Carpet/Oscars. They were lanyards and the back had all the activities to be checked off.


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