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Welcome to CE Farmhouse Favorites!  I’m so glad you stopped by.

CE Farmhouse Favorites was started by myself (Tonya) in 2016 as a way to express my creative side while still maintaining my full time day job, CEM (Chief Executive Mom) and CDE (Chief Domestic Engineer) positions.  

Having crafted for 20+ years but always for friends, family events or just myself, I had always had a desire to have my own business.  I never wanted to develop it into my primary source of income, but one that I could have as my own, design and market as I wanted all while keeping growth in line with what all else was going on in our crazy lives.

As my two teenage boys were getting older, the need for mom 24/7 (aside from personal Uber service) had lessened and I found myself having a bit more time on my hands (not much but some) and wanting to do something for myself.  The last time I had this inspiration I ended up getting my MBA and it took seven years!!! but again worth it (another goal I had always wanted to do).  

Don’t get me wrong…my full time job is just that PLUS, but after many years of working hard, sleepless nights raising my kids when smaller, I found it was time that I could do something something for me…something fun…something I enjoyed doing BUT something I could also involve my family in.  

Want to meet them?  Here’s some candid funny shots…:)

What could I do as a business that didn’t feel like work, was relaxing (in my mind), involved my family, and set a good example for the boys of how hard work could pay off? (I fear many children these days think things are automatic, or they ‘just happen’.  Sorry boys and girls…that is not reality.)

So that is when the bright idea of CE Farmhouse Favorites came to be!

Both boys help me on some tasks that are not to difficult, help me set up and pack up when I do shows, (and sit with me at shows)… and more importantly…they’ve seen me work late into the evenings at times, sit at a craft show for hours and work on this laptop learning how to design websites, blog and HTML code…just to get this all started.

Am I right where I want to be yet?  Nope.  But am I happy I made the first step?  You betcha’!!  I’m even happier that my boys can come along for the journey and we can build this little business as a family, together, one day at a time.

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