10 PLUS Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs! BONUS at end !

Ok, so I know there is no way you are going to color Easter Eggs 10 different ways B—U—T…..I couldn’t stop!  I was looking for something different to do this year with the boys and God help me Pinterest will be my downfall.

As you will see none of these idea’s are my own but part of what I like to do is share the stuff I find!  I hope you find one from the list below that you can try and home!  Please make sure to post pics when you do it so I can see how it turned out for you!  I will do the same!  

Bonus at the end! Looking for a different way to do an Easter Egg hunt!  One article I found on Better Homes & Gardens has some neat ideas for all ages!  Check it out!

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Just click on the pic to be directed to their page! Enjoy!!!

 1.  KOOL-AID!  Who would’ve thunk it!

how to dye easter eggs with kool aid

♦ Courtesy of Passion for Savings

2.  Tired of all the same colors?  McCormick’s cheat sheet of color dye combinations will let your imagination run wild!


3.  Want to get a little spacey?  Check out these Galaxy Eggs!Make some galaxy Easter eggs that are out of this world!

♦ Courtesy of Dream A Little Bigger

4.  Have old nail polish you don’t know what to do with? 


♦ Courtesy of … you guessed it… Martha Stewart

5.  Going traditional?  How about polka dots?  

Craftberry Bush doesn’t quite say ‘how’ she dyed them however two ways I could think of was to 1) put circle stickers on the eggs before you dyed them…wait till dry then peel off, or 2) use a Q-tip and “dot” white paint on after they are dry from dying.

♦ Courtesy of Craftberry Bush 

6.  Natural Tea Stained Eggs.

I have received eggs from guests done in this manner and they are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! Please if you do this style post a picture!  And yes, I know the website is in Chinese but follow the pictures people LOL! That’s cheesecloth they are tied in and then boiled with tea bags.

♦ Courtesy of Duitang.com

7.  How about using natural dyes?  LOVE THIS!! (And her website name!)

♦ Courtesy of Just Short of Crazy

8.  Hello Crayons…a toddlers best friend! 

♦ Courtesy of Jenna Burger Designs

9.  Decorate to your hearts content with all of these ideas!

Easter Egg Decorating Ideas - 30+ egg decorating ideas for kids and adults!

♦ Courtesy of A Pumpkin and A Princess


10.  And FINALLY my FAVORITE way to decorate eggs….disguised as jello shots and kept away from the children of course 🙂  Huffington Post lays it all out in this great tutorial!



10 Different Easter Egg Hunts!  BHG put this great list together of ways to make your Easter Egg Hunt this year just a bit different! I think I know which one I’m going to do!