Grocery Shopping before a Storm! + 10 Easy Ways to Save on Groceries

First let me welcome new members to the group that signed up at my last craft show in Bethlehem!It was great to meet all of you and thank you for your support and purchases 🙂  I hope you find Tonya’s Tidbits useful, fun and somewhat funny.

I ironically had this post in my mind for awhile and even created the attached PDF for all of you …. oh about CHRISTMAS TIME! But life has gotten in the way a bit and I never got it out but considering it is March 14th and I’m looking out the window at about 14″ of snow and 50-70 mph winds…thought it was a little appropriate.

Why you ask?  Because Sunday I went to the grocery store to do my ‘normal’ weekly shopping.  I get to Wegman’s and there is not ONE parking spot to be found.  Seriously!  I drove the lot three times before I said forget this and parked pretty much in the back by the loading docks.  

I make my way inside and it is MAYHEM!  I had never seen that store so busy.  So I go about my business and I hear people talking about the ‘storm’.  The storm?  Ok whatever.  Then I KEEP hearing it.  So what does one do?  I pull out my cell phone and very discretely try to see what all the hub-bub is about.  Well what do my wandering eyes should appear (yes, a Christmas reference because this is when this s&^t is supposed to happen)?

A storm brewing for Monday night to bring 18-24″…… What the heck?!? (I can guarantee you those were ‘not’ the exact words I used and apparently the filter from my brain to my mouth was not on because someone looked at me).  So yes, this is how I found out about this lovely storm and had I been a bit more prepared I would have 1) gone to the store oh Saturday! and 2) actually made my list using what I’m going to give you guys today 🙂

I am usually way more organized!!

This grocery list is designed to:

  • Break your list into the area’s of the store so you can not miss an item.
  • The little box in front?  Keep this on your fridge and check when you need to pick it up. (Or use to check off when you grab it…I usually cross it off)
  • Little smiley face after?  You gotta coupon! Seriously who doesn’t use coupons?
  • And there’s a Notes & Sales section to jot down what you need.

I can’t post this back to back pages but you can print it out that way -OR- take it to Staples and run it back to back and have them actually bind it into a tablet for you.  

So my Top 10 Ways to Save on Groceries???

  1. Use a list (preferably mine).  Know what you ‘need’ to get and what you ‘want’ to get.  There is a big difference if you are on a budget and trying to save.
  2. Use Ibotta.  This app is money in your pocket.  Simply pick the items you know you are going to buy and then scan the receipt when done.  It’s that easy.
  3. Use your grocery stores on-line app for additional coupons!  I shop frequently at Giant.  They offer coupons NOT in the paper, will double them AND accept them IN ADDITION to a paper coupon I have (as long as not marked as a mfg coupon).  Plus if your store offers gas rewards…come on! No brainer.  I get at least a tank a month FREE!!!
    1. Hint:  Use items 2 & 3 together….double the savings!
  4. Buy in bulk…this takes some research but well worth it.  Look at the cost per unit.  That is how you know you are saving money.  Use google shopping on line to compare or make a list of those items and compare prices. 
  5. Use Amazon Pantry.  If you are an Amazon prime member….seriously consider bulk items from Amazon.  Use #4 as a guide but you can shop Amazon Pantry for those bulk items and save a bundle.  Did you know:
    1. If you don’t need an item in 2 days you can set at check out to deliver longer and they give you a $5 credit to use in the Pantry? (Thank you Evy J!!)
    2. You can set up alerts on Amazon if prices drop too! I have actually bought dog food through Amazon when it drops lower than the stores.  My UPS man hates me but 🙂
  6. For those that have the ambition….grow your own veggies and can them!  I will be bringing you more tips on this when the weather gets better!  I’ve been doing this for years and can’t tell you the last time I bought tomato sauce, green beans and who doesn’t love fresh lettuce during the summer!
  7. Plan your grocery trip on what you ‘need’ then focus on items on sale.  You will save money and add some variety to your eating habits.  Or Google recipes on items that are on sale (especially meats) and see what interests you.  
    1. Here’s where you can tie in a family activity if you have younger kids or teenagers! Especially if you are tired of making the same stuff over and over.  I used to (and need to get back to) have the kids pick one meal a week they found on the Internet using a main ingredient I had on hand.  Colin’s Swedish meatballs didn’t turn out so well the one time but he and I had a blast making dinner that day!
    2. Once you do this…plan your meals for the week or even longer!  
    3. Freezing items such as chicken, pork chops and ground meat when you hit a really good sale is sooooo worth it!!
  8. Check your labels on brand name vs. generic.  Ever really do this?  There are MANY items that have the SAME ingredients, same calorie and other counts and they are often 1/3 the price.  If you really want to pay more then by all means go right ahead 🙂
  9. Use the Dollar Store folks.  For items such as foils, baggies, wraps, brown paper bags….but watch for those unit prices.  A $1 maybe less expensive but if you are paying $1 for 25′ of aluminum foil when you can buy 150 ft’ for $3….not so much.
  10. Finally….get to know the stores you shop and the discounts they offer.  Each store is different but start a list of when items you use the most go on sale.  You will start to see a pattern.  That way you know if you run out of something maybe you can wait a week and it will most likely be on sale the ‘next’ week.  If it an item you use alot…stock up on it when it is on sale.

BONUS #11….go to the sites for the items you use alot…many such as Betty Crocker, Procter & Gamble have coupons you can print that are 3x the amount you get in your Sunday paper!

I hope some of these tips you haven’t heard before and can some you some cash.

Have a tip that is not listed above?  Please comment below and share with all so we can all become savvy shoppers!

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Thanks and if you are in the NE in the path of this storm….stay safe and stay warm!

Grocery List Printable




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